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Best Salon & Spa in town

At Velvet Salon Spa we appreciate how important your time is, and we understand taking the time for yourself doesn’t always come easy. That is why we work hard to be prepared for you, to be attentive to you, to be dedicated to you, to be efficient with you, and to spoil you as much as we can. Building relationships, being on time, and being prepared for you is important to us.


Upon entering our spa doors and into a soothing space of calmness, wellness, and soft music. Escape for a while as our massage therapists, nail technicians and estheticians customize their spa treatments to your unique needs in an atmosphere designed to relax you..


Velvet Salon Spa hair stylists have the technical expertise to create high-fashion looks while keeping your unique style and day-to-day practicality in mind. Precision hair styling is a craft and an artform. One can only excel at it through constant, advanced industry education of the type our stylists receive.


As the clinical Aesthetics industry grows safety become even more important. Our rained licensed and certified laser technician is extensively trained and experienced in the industry of laser technology. Don’t settle for the less is more approach instead seeking results that are both safe and effective are number one.

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